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Personal Injury Law


If you have been injured in an auto accident, slip and fall, or one of your loved ones has been injured or even killed in an accident, hiring an attorney can be extremely beneficial.  An attorney can help you recover when an insurance company is denying your claim or when they are not offering you the amount of money you deserve.


White Marsh Law has been handling personal injury claims for years and has been successful in obtaining verdicts for clients in excess of one million dollars.  It is important to hire a lawyer who has the experience and expertise in handling your case whether it be negotiating a settlement or litigating your case in court.  Do not let insurance companies take advantage of you and give you less than you deserve.  White Marsh Law will be glad to give you a free consultation to determine what your case is really worth.


Wills, Trusts & Estates


White Marsh Law represents individuals, and their families in the preservation of personal wealth and business assets.  Our estate planning services include: Wills and Powers of Attorney, lifetime and testamentary trusts, wealth management and succession planning, and charitable giving including trust and insurance planning.


White Marsh Law also helps in administering estates through the probate process.  One of the most difficult times in a person's life is when a loved one passes away.  Probating an estate can be a complicated and difficult process and is the last thing a person wants to think about.  White Marsh Law will work with your family members and estate Personal Representative to ensure the complete and effective administration of the estate to help assure that everything is resolved quickly with the least amount of stress possible.


Criminal Matters


A criminal charge can have serious effects on your job, relationships, and financial situation, and it can cause undue amounts of stress. Our criminal lawyers defend cases in the District and Circuit Courts throughout the state of Maryland, particularly in Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Harford County, and Cecil County.


Have you discovered you are under investigation for a crime at the state level or have been formally charged?  Call or email us today for a free initial consultation.  The right defense can help reduce your fines and save you jail time.


Our firm handles:  Traffic violations, DUI/DWI/Intoxicated Driving defense, Drug (including Marijuana) offenses, Sex offenses, Financial and White Collar offenses, and Theft and Fraud offenses.


Social Security Disability


Did you know that denial rates for applications for social security disability at the initial stage are currently upwards of 60%?  In the reconsideration stage, or first level of appeal, that number jumps to more than 80%.  The most common reasons for denial are the inability of a claimant to prove the severity of a disability due to insufficient medical records or other documentation, or insufficient work history to meet the work credit requirements of the SSA. In addition, many claimants are unfamiliar with the Social Security appeals process, and are unaware of the proper procedures to pursue their claim in the case of a denial.


That is why having an attorney to help you navigate through this process can be so beneficial.  White Marsh Law currently handles cases from the initial application process to the appeals process and can help increase the likelihood that you will obtain benefits.


Workers' Compensation Law


White Marsh Law Firm LLC handles workers compensation claims through its sister law firm Workers Comp Law Firm LLC.  Please click HERE to visit the Workers Comp Law Firm LLC website.  A representative from Workers Comp Law Firm will be glad to assist you.



Other Areas of Law


White Marsh Law is a general pratice firm and may be able to assist you in another area of law that is not specifically mentioned above.  Feel free to call or email our office if you have any other type of legal matter.  If we can't assist you, we will certainly be able to refer you to attorney that can.



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